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Oct 09, 2006 at 12:50 PM

Dipartimento di Informatica e Sistemistica

Via Claudio, 21
80125 Napoli - Italy

Arriving by train

The Fuorigrotta area can be reached via Metro (Metropolitana) from all the train stations in Napoli: Napoli Centrale, P.zza Garibaldi, Napoli Mergellina, Napoli Campi Flegrei. The Metro station is Campi Flegrei. To reach Via Claudio from the Campi Flegrei station, just cross the square in direction of the Football Stadium. Follow the street on left of the Stadium until the Campus main entrance. Tickets cost 1 € and can be purchased at stations and at newstands. Tickets are worth 90 minutes of travelling on all public transportations in Napoli: bus, tram, metro, cable cars. Tickets must be stamped before boarding the train using the machines available at the stations entrance.

Arriving by car

When arriving to Napoli from one of the highways, after you arrived to the city area after the toll barriers follow the signs for the TANGENZIALE, an internal highway crossing most of the city. Once you are on it, proceed to the Fuorigrotta exit. After you have reached it, pass the toll and take the exit ramp on the left. For the Via Claudio site, stay on a right lane and follow the signs to Facoltà di Ingegneria at the traffic light; the Campus should be in sight, on the right side of the Football Stadium.

Arriving by air

When arriving at Napoli Aeroporto di Capodichino, you have several options to reach our site. If you intend to use public transportation, the best choice is to use the Airport - Downtown shuttle. It runs every 30 minutes from 6.30 to 24.00 to the City center; look for the bus stop with the name C.L.P. outside the international arrivals at the airport. The fare is around 2 € and should be paid to the driver. The bus stops at the main train station (Stazione Centrale), and ends its run at Piazza Municipio, very close to Molo Beverello, the main Ferry and Hydrofoil terminal to Capri, Ischia, and Sorrento. If you want to reach the Department directly from the Airoprt, you should get off the shuttle bus at the Stazione Centrale and then get the Metro (see Arriving by train).

If you intend to use a taxi, the taxi stand is also outside the international arrivals. The cost for a ride to the city is around 20 €, while for a ride to the Department is around 23 €. Be aware that for rides originating at the airport there is an additional charge. Of course you might choose to reach the Stazione Centrale (or Piazza Municipio) via the shuttle and then get a taxi from there.

If you plan to use a rented car, you can reach the Department via the TANGENZIALE. Just exit from the airport area through the exit boulevard, take the right at the end and then take the entrance ramp immediately on the left, following the directions to Fuorigrotta - Pozzuoli. Then follow the instructions listed in Arriving by car.

Lodging information
There are plenty of options for accomodations in Napoli. Following this link you can find some useful information about the hotels that have an arrangement with our University (please mention the Special Rate for the University of Napoli).

Visiting Naples - A few hints for Capri

Let we suggest a few things that you might consider for your stay in Capri.
Keep in mind, though, that the nice thing of Capri is that you can fully enjoy it by simply strolling across its narrow streets. Or getting an aperitif or a coffee sitting at the tables of the cafés in the Piazzetta (Vuotto, for example).
One more thing: natives are very friendly since they are used to an international tourism since 100 years. So do not hesitate to ask to people in shops or to you hotel owner. And grab a map! You will need it.
Nice walks:
in Capri let we suggest the following paths
Villa Jovis: the path starts from the center of Capri (La Piazzetta) and brings you on the eastern edge of the island, in the archeological site of Tiberius’ villa. It takes 1 ½ hour to reach it. Fantastic view of the gulf and of the Sorrento Peninsula. And the excavation site is very interesting. Amazing the huge tanks for conserving water, since there is very few of it on the Island.
Arco Naturale: also starts from the Piazzetta. You then follow the road to Tragara (see below) but before reaching that point you need to change the path. I recall you will find signs. At the Arco Naturale there is also a Restaurant. Check if it is open, and in case consider to have a meal there. A little expensive but very nice. It is a 1 hour walk.
Tragara view point: it is a ½ hour walk from the Piazzetta. You need to pass through the trendy area of Capri (expensive shops, beware!-) . You will have a wonderful view of the Faraglioni rocks: fantastic at the sunset, or perfect for an after dinner stroll with an ice cream.
Marina Piccola: from Tragara you will have a perfect view of this little bay on the southern side of the Island. It is the favorite beach in summer. To go there, you can go both by bus or by walking. Buses leave from the Bus station in Capri but I recall that there are a few buses leaving directly from Anacapri. If you prefer more to hike, you need to proceed from the Piazzetta as you would go back to Anacapri or to the port. At the three way intersection, you will find directions to Marina Piccola. Fantastic view of the Faraglioni. Several restaurants down on the beach: Le Sirene, Da Maria… but check if they are open.
Via Krupp: There is another way to reach Marina Piccola from Capri. You start from the Piazzetta, following the road to Giardini di Augusto. Then you can proceed on this incredible small road that goes down the cliffs up to Marina Piccola. It was the favorite walk of Maxim Gorki and Lenin during their stay in exile in Capri. Fantastic view. Since the road is on the mountain side, when it is windy or after an heavy rain it can be closed, since there is the risk that some rocks fall on the road below. So check if the road is open.  This should be a 2 hour walk.
In Anacapri:
Monte Solaro: there is a chairlift from the Piazza Vittoria (the little square with an ugly monument to the 1st world war soldiers) that brings you on the highest peak in Capri, Monte Solaro. The view is terrific along the chairlift and even more on the mountain. There is a trail to go back hiking to Anacapri, and also another one that brings you to a small church called Cetrella. This church literally hangs on the rocks that are “over” Marina Piccola. The view is something you will never forget. However, I do not know the state of the trails and if they are signed regularly.
Migliara: from the Caprile square in Anacapri, there is a street that brings easily (45 min.) to this fantastic viewpoint on top of the western point of the island, Punta Carena. There is a very good restaurant a little before the viewpoint (Carmelina) where they have a very good Capri cooking. You will need to reserve, since it is a favorite place also for locals.
Grotta Azzurra and Damecuta: Remember that you might reach the Grotta also by boat from Capri Port (Marina Grande). However,  a nice walk would be to start from Anacapri and following the road to the Grotta Azzurra. The road is very nice and you will pass by wonderful villas. At half the road, you might take a small detour to reach the Damecuta archeological site. That was another imperial Villa of Tiberius. The site is small but the view is breath-taking. Then, go back to the road and proceed towards Grotta Azzurra. There you can find a couple of bars and restaurants. The one that is most renowed  is Riccio. It is on a rock right on the sea. However, *it is expensive*: probably a meal with fish would be around 50/70 euros per person. But it is very good.  I also recall a much simpler place called Da Giovanni. 
By the way, there is a regular bus service every 30 min from Anacapri center until 10 pm (check, please!-)
San Michele di Axel Munthe: another after dinner walk (20 min.). It is a small road that starts from Piazza Vittoria. It brings you to a wonderful viewpoint just below the villa of Axel Munthe, a Swedish doctor that lived in Anacapri in ‘800 years. The Villa also is nice to visit since there is a small museum of roman and greek  remains. Some ice cream places along the street!
In Anacapri there  are several nice restaurants: Il Solitario, and those around the main church (Santa Sofia). But they are generally good.
In Capri, they are usually a bit more expensive, and trendy. I recall Gemma.
Finally a few suggestions for food: We dare to recommend  ravioli alla caprese (home made stuffed pasta cooked with a simple tomato sauce) and torta caprese, a chocolate cake that I like to have served with vanilla ice cream.

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