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Written by Giorgio Ventre   
Apr 13, 2006 at 04:04 PM

WebMinds is a three year national project on quality and resiliency of distributed services. The project is composed of 5 workpackages. The first workpackage (WP1) deals with the scientific management, coordination, planning and monitoring of the 8 units forming the research team. The general cost of WP1 is intended to cover the travel and subsistence costs for the coordination meetings, and the communication costs (long distance call, mail, etc.). The man power estimated for WP1 includes also the activities for progress and budget reporting.

The main research work is organized in 4 WPs, each of which represents one of the main efforts of the project. WP 2 aims at studying the use of a large scale network system as a unique computer system capable of providing integrated, mobile, and highly available services with predictable Quality of Service (QOS). WP 3 focuses on what is usually called "server-side" services, and deals with the issues related to scalability, fault-tolerance, and high availability. In general, WP 3 strives to propose solutions with high QOS at a low cost. A natural complement of WP3 is WP 4 which focuses on what is usually called "client-side" services. In particular, WP 4 tries to solve the issues for providing advanced services to clients based on mobile wireless terminals. The impact of the major hardware limitations of these devices on both communication and computing power are carefully analyzed. Finally, the objective of WP5 is to assess the advantages of the mechanisms and of the technology proposed in the previous WPs by implementing three applications of innovative services.

The organization in five WPs can be seen as an "horizontal" partition of the project. The same scientific topics (e.g.: security, QOS, fault tolerance, etc.) are tackled in all the WPs but under different point of views, e.g.: in WP2, only considering the general services structure, in WP3 focusing on the efficient integration on high performance platforms, in WP4 considering mobile wireless terminals, and in WP5 pointing out specific examples of advanced services. Thought, on one hand, this organization may seem less clear with respect to a traditional "vertical" partitioning of tasks based on research topics; on the other hand, we believe that our choice directly derive from the main objective of this project, which is to produce a unique integrated framework for the study, the design and the implementation of efficient advanced services on a large scale distribute systems. More details can be found on http://web-minds.consorzio-cini.it/ .

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