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Written by Giorgio Ventre   
Feb 27, 2006 at 04:58 PM

The Research Laboratory on
Computer Architectures and Networks

CAN-LAB is the research laboratory on Computer Architectures and Networks of the Department of Computer Engineering and Systems of the University of Napoli Federico II. It was born in 1998 as the unification of the departmental laboratory on Computer Architectures and of the laboratory on Computer Networking. It is currently under the responsibility of the COMICS research group on Computer Communications and hosts a state of the art infrastructure that is used currently for both research and teaching.
Our laboratory is part of several networked research infrastructures. In particular we are part of PlanetLab, a world-wide initiative for large scale experimental activities on networking (http://www.planet-lab.org). We are also part of the infrastructure being created in the framework of the OneLab European project.

CAN-LAB is currently structured in four major testbeds:

  • BNA - Broadband Network Architectures
  • HPCA - High Performance Computing Architectures
  • ANTS - Autonomic NeTwork Systems
  • NeMO - Network Management and cOntrol

BNA – The Testbed on Broadband Network Architectures

This testbed is currently based on 5 commercial routers from Juniper:
  • 3 M10i routers with 4 Fast Ethernet interfaces and  2 OC3 Sonet interfaces.
  • 2 M7i routers with 2 Fast Ethernet interfaces and  2 OC3 Sonet interfaces.
The laboratory is also equipped with Linux based routers with multiple LAN interfaces.
A WAN Link simulator from Shunra and an Agilent protocol analyser are also available for QoS emulation and performance analysis.

HPCA – The testbed on High Performance Computing Architectures
This testbed is composed of a Cluster computer with
  • 32 biprocessor servers equipped with 64 Pentium IV processors @ 3.0 Mhz in HyperThreading technology, each with 4 FE, 1 GE and 1 Myrinet network interfaces;
  • 6 FE switches in “stacked” configuration for a total of 186 Fast Ethernet ports

  • 1 Gigabit Ethernet switch with 64 ports
  • 1 Myrinet optical switch
  • 2 switch console KVM Dell/Aviocent

ANTS – The Testbed on Autonomic NeTworkS

This testbed is dedicated to the development and evaluation of experimental routers based on Linux Pentium boxes and Network Processor cards. Currently it is equipped with a cluster of  8 Intel servers each with 3 FE and 1 GE network interfaces, 2 GB RAM, 200 GB disks. The testbed also includes 12 workstations with multiple network interfaces.
Intel Corporation kindly donated four network processor boards to University of Napoli. Two of these boards are equipped with Intel IXP425@533MHz, 256MB SDRAM, two Intel PRO 2200 Wireless and two Ethernet cards. The other two boards are equipped with Intel IXP2350@900MHz, 512MB DDR RAM with ECC, two Gigabit Ethernet and one Fast Ethernet cards. The donation represents an important contribution to our research activities. The University of Napoli deeply appreciated Intel Corporation for its valuable support.

NeMO – The testbed on Network Management and cOntrol
This testbed is mainly used for didactical purposes and includes:

  • 9 Enterasys Matrix C2G124-24 switches, with 24 10/100/1000 ports in copper, 4 fiber ports
  • 1 Enterasys Matrix E1-1G587-09 switch with 12 ports in fiber
  • 4 802.11g Acces Points
  • 1 server equipped with Pentium 4 @ 3,0GHz as a Network Management station equipped with several SNMP based network management tools

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